Climate Solidarity


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Zihao Zhang | Landscape Architecture, CCNY
Katherine K. Chen | Sociology, CCNY
Yana Kucheva | Sociology, CCNY
Catherine Seavitt | Landscape Architecture, CCNY
Shawn Rickenbacker | Architecture, CCNY
Michael Bobker | Engineering, CCNY
Ahmed Mohamed | Engineering, CCNY
Prathap Ramamurthy | Engineering, CCNY
Huy T. Vo | Computer Science, CCNY
Zhigang Zhu | Computer Science, CCNY

Related Publications
Zhang, Zihao, and Shurui Zhang. “Mapping Landscape Architects’ Expertise in Climate Adaptation With Design Research Projects Over the Past Two Decades.” Landscape Architecture Frontiers 10, no. 2 (April 15, 2022): 71–81.

In 2021, the City College of New York launched an internal grant competition, the College-wide Research Vision. The competition challenged researchers to “harness paradigm shifting fundamental research to address challenging real-world problems by connecting diverse disciplines, techniques, and ways of thinking.”

A team called “Climate Solidarity”, led by 10 faculty members across four disciplines - architecture, sociology, engineering and computer science - was eventually selected as the winning team. The goal of this team is to create solidarity around climate actions and address issues around housing justice, climate adaptation, and energy production in New York City.